Japanese Tea Culture

Brief Japanese tea culture including tea history, rituals, tea ceremony, teapots, types of tea.

  • Signature Japanese Teas

    1. Sencha
    This is the most commonly enjoyed variety of Japanese green tea in Japan. In general, sencha is green tinged with yellow and has a well-balanced green tinged with yellow and has a well-balanced combination of aroma, umami(flavour of the highest quality) and bitterness, providing you with a feeling of luxury that increases with the [...]

  • Tetsubin(cast iron teapot)

    Tetsubin(Cast iron teapot)
    Tetsubin (鉄瓶) is a word for Japanese cast iron teapots. These fine products originated in the Japanese Nambu region, in the Edo period (1603-1868). Morioka City was the place most famous for skilled artists and craftsmen producing ironware. The technology they used for their products was developed in the 12th century in Mizusawa [...]

  • How to care Tokoname teapot

    Tokoname teapot needs to be treated with preparation work before brew the tea in order to obtain proper function of Tokoname. Tokoname is a hard porous pottery, and it slightly absorbs the liquid content. The reason for the pretreatment with boiled thin tea is locking the porous surface with tannin of the [...]

  • How to make Japanese teas

    1. General Brewing Process
    (Brewing procedure for Two Servings of Sencha)
    a. Place 2 teaspoons of Sencha into the Kyusu(teapot)
    b. Pour hot water (200ml/7.04fl oz) into two teacups or water cooler(Yuzamashi, it is better method) to adjust the water temperature. On the first pour, it will be about 80’C(176F) which is the perfect temperature for brewing Sencha.
    c [...]

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