Why Choose Us?

We are honest and take pride in our products. Feel Nirvana with unique products from Zen Tea.

Teas: Quality and taste can’t be compromised. Endless pursuit of the best ingredients and freshness
Teawares: Collection of essential historical teawares. Traditional, ritual teawares can be beautiful and practical.
Price:. Some of the most competitive prices on the market; quality and price can be compatible.
Service: We strive toward 100% satisfaction.

jasmine dragon pearlsTeas - Quality and Taste can’t be compromised.

We have devoted ourselves to finding the best tasting quality teas for many years. At our store, you can expect great tasting specialty teas with the finest ingredients from around the world all the time. Carefully chosen ingredients and preservation are two main factors in determining a quality tea. We use only the HIGHEST quality ingredients to ensure a delicious, satisfying brew everytime.
Freshness is a very important element in deciding the quality of tea. We don’t stock teas long. We import Japanese teas directly from a tea farm in Kyoto and it is delivered fresh to us directly after harvest. in order to preserve the aroma and color, which can be lost quickly from Japanese green teas.


Teawares - Beautiful, Unique, and Practical.

People have developed so many various types of teapots and tea accessories through thousands of years of tea history. We believe that people can experience the highest taste with traditional brewing methods, which have evolved over thousands of years. We are always looking for potters and suppliers around the world who can provide beautiful quality teawares at reasonable prices. You will be amazed by the many unique, rare teawares, especially since we offer the most competitive prices in North America. 

Price - Quality and price can be compatible.

Good teas should be shared by all people. In the past, tea was enjoyed only by aristocrats and the rich because it was rare and expensive. But tea has now become a more common product which can be found at grocery stores. Yet, high quality teas are still expensive and out of reach for most consumers. Because our mission is to give people happiness through tea culture, we do our best to make our teas affordable. We want to see the satisfaction and smile on your face.

Service - Let us make your day better.

We often encounter unhappy shopping experiences and this negative mood can affect your entire day. We do our best to deliver you happiness from the first moment of your visit. We are honest and proud of this. Giving you real information without exaggeration is important to help you decide the products to purchase. We do our best to respond to your questions quickly and honestly. And we do our best to deliver it safely and quickly. We will also work to satisfy you when you’re not satisfied with your order. We guarantee you a shopping experience that follows the Zen tradition of peace and harmony.