Yixing teapot-stone gourd

Yixing teapot-stone gourd


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This classic Yixing teapot has been handmade  in a traditional shape.



This classic Yixing teapot has been handmade  in a traditional shape. It is well balanced when pouring and practical for cleaning (with a special soft brush) as the wide mouth allows easy access. It has the potter’s seal (chop mark) on the base and inside the lid.
Ideal for Tea Brewing
Tea drinkers discovered Zisha pots to be ideal vessels for tea brewing. Not only does the semi-porous nature of the clay help to retain heat, but also absorbs the oils from tea leaves, subtly seasoning each teapot with the tea’s flavour and fragrance. The more you use your teapot, the better it gets. Its surface will become glossier and the color will intensify.
Potter: Liu, HongXia(China zisha potter institute, Research institute of Zisha art, Association of Craft Artist of China)
Capacity: 110ml(3.72 fl Oz)
Tea pairing: Oolong/black tea/puerh

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  1. Great gongfu teapot Review by mrkirts

    I have used 2 of these for about a year. I put about 5 grams of tea in them for gongfu cha with brew times of 10 to 25 seconds. One is for puer tea and the other for da hong pao. They pour nicely and are easy to hold. The lids are not hard to grasp . They don't drip, and they are retaining the tea oils nicely. I like the feel of them in my hand. (Posted on 14-07-20)


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