About Future Zen Tearoom

Future Zen Tearoom

Mission Statement

To provide a teahouse with a meditative and relaxing atmosphere in which to drink delicious, quality teas that will heal both body and soul.

Our Philosophy

Zen Tea is an authentic teahouse in Metro Vancouver, offering both casual and ceremonial-style tea servieces in a comfortable and zen-like atmosphere. We offer four unique qualities not found in other social houses in Vancouver:


Get away from the loud espresso machines and the rush of shouted orders that you find at most coffee houses. We provide a tranquil, meditative atmosphere to create an oasis from the busy urban lifestyle. Our teas are served in traditional cups and teapots, adding to the meditative quality of the tea service and not polluting the environment or the taste of the tea by using paper cups.


Walk into our teahouse and shake off the urban fast-food, plastic culture. Allow yourself to be transported through time and space with the use of traditional teapots and cups. Indulge in the serenity obtained when you take the time to make tea the traditional way.


Experience thousands of years of tea culture from all across the globe right here, right now. From the Chinese Gongfu style with Chinese oolong teas, to Japanese Chanyou style with with matcha powder, to the elegan British tea service, we bring you the opportunity to use various types of tea wares. Allow yourself to steep in a truly good cup of tea.


We selected 108 of the best quality teas from amongst thousands that were sampled. The value and quality of our teaware is of the highest concern which is why many of our teawares are obtained directly from the manufacturers. We never sell cheap porcelain and glass at inflated prices.

What to expect at Zen Tearoom

Our easy, step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your experience with us.
Step in, take a deep breath and relax.
Select a tea using the sniffing jars provided, and, optionally, some food to compliment it. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with making your selection & pairing food with your tea. Alternately, consult our on-hand guidebook if you prefer to make your decision independently.
Purchase your tea pre-packaged or loose by weight.
Prepare and steep your tea. Written instructions are always on hand and our staff are always happy to lend a helping hand should you require it.